Why will my battery not charge?

This article helps you to determine why your HydroPack battery may not be charging.

1. Charging temperature

If you trying to charge your battery in conditions that are less than 0 degrees (32 F) or greater than 40 degrees Celsius (104 F), your battery will not charge in these conditions.

Move the battery to a warmer or cooler location, wait 2 hours for the internal battery to return to an ambient temperate, and then re-attempt charging to get your battery turning on. 


2. Charger connection

If the charger is connected when the battery is already on it may not start charging immediately. 

Turn the battery off and then back on and charging should commence. 


3. Check that your connector cable in locked into the battery correctly. 

When connecting the battery charger to the battery, make sure that the blue lock collar is secure by hearing or feeling the blue collar lock clicking into place. You can determine if the connection has been successful by not being able to see the red dot indicating that it is still unlocked.

lockunlock for battery