Why is the battery not turning on?

This article will help to determine why your battery is not turning on.

In order to determine what fault your battery may be currently experiencing, work through the following questions: 

1. Have you updated your battery firmware? 

Upon receiving your Hydrofoiler XE-1 you should update your HydroPack battery in order to ensure that it has the latest firmware. You can find instructions on how to do this here*hyperlink*


2. Are you trying to charge your battery in conditions that are less than 0 degrees (32 F) or greater than 40 degrees Celsius (104 F)? 

If yes, the battery will not charge in these conditions. Move the battery to a warmer or cooler location, wait 2 hours for the internal battery to return to an ambient temperate, and then re-attempt charging to get your battery turning on. 


3. Have you checked for any cracks or damage to the battery housing? (white external case)

If you can see any damage to your battery housing, please take photos and get in touch with the Manta5 team here.


4. Can you see or hear any water within the battery? 

If you can see or hear any water within the battery, please get in touch with the Manta5 team immediately by emailing us on support@manta5.com and sending through photos of any damage visible. Discontinue use.


If the above questions do not help you to determine what the reason may be for your battery not working, please send an email through to support@manta5.com providing the following information for our technical team: 

  • Temperature during recent riding conditions (last 2-3 rides) e.g. 28-32 degree Celsius day
  • Duration of recent rides (last 2-3 rides)
  • How often have you been charging the battery?
  • What types of charges have you been using in the last 3-4 charges (e.g. slow, fast, standard)?
  • Where have you been storing the battery?
  • Is there any visible damage to the battery that you can see? If yes, please send through photos for Manta5 to examine.