What do I do if my propeller is stuck?

This article shows how to remove the propeller stuck onto the drive shaft of the XE-1.

From time to time, propellers can get stuck on the drive shaft of your Hydrofoiler XE-1. You should always first try to remove the propeller (and hex block) by pulling it off and this should be removed with ease, if it is not releasing you can try the following:


1. Find a tool that will fit between the the propeller and the rear strut cowling collar. We recommend a medium flat screw driver if you have one. 


2. Leverage the tool to 'pop' the propeller off the drive shaft releasing the hex block and propeller from the drive shaft. 

3. Take care to not damage the rear strut cowling collar or propeller during removal. 


Watch video below on how to remove the propeller from the drive shaft.