How do I pair my GARMIN device with the Hydrofoiler XE-1?

This article is a tutorial on how to pair your GARMIN device with the Hydrofoiler XE-1 battery in order to track real time ride stats.

GARMIN watch pairing - tutorial below displaying a GARMIN Fenix 6 Pro 

If you are already familiar with GARMIN devices and data fields from the Connect IQ Store, please skip to step to Step 5. 

  1. Download Connect IQ store app AND Garmin Connect app.
    1. Press top right button (Fenix 6 Pro) and wait a second until ‘Pair with phone’ shows on screen
    2. Select ‘Yes’ but pressing top right button on watch
    3. Open app and once logged in select ‘Connect’ add in pin from watch to successfully pair. *If you have attempted this before, you will have a device selection screen where you can select the correct device and pair*
    4. In order to successfully track you rides, you must allow Location Permission.Step 2-Pair GARMIN watch with your mobile device following instructions on watch.
    5. Allow all day sync or skip.
  2. Once successfully connected to the Garmin Connect App this will show in the top bar *add screenshot with red circle*
  3. Go through set up steps, please refer to Garmin set up instructions for your device type.
  4. Open the Connect IQ App you downloaded previously and your device should show as connected.
  5. Now download Connect IQ Manta5 HUD and select ‘Install’
  6. During set up you should ensure that you have chosen ‘bike’ as one of your selected activities to track. 
  7. Using your device, select bike from activity menu (can be set up using instructions from GARMIN). Go into ‘bike options’ using 'up-menu' button.
  8. Select 'custom data' option, choose your preferred layout (number of fields on watch screen) and select the Connect IQ fields and now select Manta5 XE (this will pair with the battery and ensure that battery level, electric assist levels and battery life will show as default on your screen).
  9. Select any other fields you would like to see (speed, distance, time etc.)
  10. Your device will now show ‘Connecting to bike…” on screen. Turn on your Hydrofoiler XE-1 battery to connect the watch to the bike battery.
  11. Your device is successfully connected when you can see the electric assist and battery levels on the screen *add screenshot**
  12. Begin your ride to log.